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April 18 2021


Tan An is a Commune of Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province. The current population of Tan An commune is more than 12,000 people, local people work mainly in farming, most of them are disadvantaged households. The health care, medical examination and treatment in the commune are still facing difficulties. Therefore, in order to support the Tan An Commune Health Center in providing adequate essential health services for their community members. On April 18 2021, The Lawrence S. Ting Foundation, in collaboration with the group of doctors from Ho Chi Minh City, organized an outreach at Tan An Commune.

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The outreach service delegation included representatives of our foundation, doctors from Ho Chi Minh City, benefactors and volunteers. In collaboration with local authorities and commune health center workers, at this outreach service, we conducted general medical examinations and distributed free essential medicines to more than 180 local people who live in disadvantage households. At the same time, the groups of doctors also provided health consultation to local people on how to do health care and prevent common community-acquired infections; nutrition counseling for people with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. Additionally, we also gave gifts which are necessities to disadvantage people.

Since 2010 until now, we have served more than 2,200 patients who live in remote areas of Vietnam. Our outreach services have helped the local people improve their health and contributed to solving challenges that the local authorities are facing due to lack of available and adequate healthcare.

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